Strode's Foundation


Strode's Foundation is a registered charity (312026) and arose from the will of Henry Strode who, in 1704, left £6,000 to provide and maintain a school for poor children of Egham. It owns all the land and buildings at Strode's College as well as other investments. Its charitable object is to advance the education of students of today's Strode's College, and also of young persons in the former EUDC area. In practice, this means that we give half of our net income to Strode's College and half to Magna Carta School, only funding such aspects which the State does not finance. 


There are 9 Trustees, broken down into:-


 2 nominated by the Worshipful Company of Coopers, of which I am one, as well as being a Past Master;


1 nominated by Royal Holloway and Bedford New College;


1 nominated by Runnymede Borough Council; and 


5 other appointed Trustees.


Although Trustees have particular skills and backgrounds, e.g. legal, accounting, surveying, education, investments, Old Strodian (of Strode's Grammar School) etc., all Trustees including Councillor Sian Williams, have a mutual responsibility for all aspects of the Foundation.


Our representatives