Armed Forces Champion


Armed Forces Champions for Local Authorities across the UK

The Profile:-

A Member of the Executive/Cabinet, or Chairman of an appropriate Scrutiny Committee, or a Member with an interest in the Armed Forces community.

Some Armed Forces experience would be an advantage.

Appointed annually by Council (on the recommendation of the Executive/Cabinet) to emphasise the importance the Council places on the role.

The Role:-

To raise the profile and needs of the Armed Forces community (serving personnel, both regular and reserve, their families, veterans and Cadets), internally and externally with the County and the Borough/District council.

To keep informed of all relevant developments through attendance at the annual conference, seminars and Task Groups, where appropriate. 

To work closely with the senior member of County/Borough/District staff, who are appointed as Armed Forces Covenant Officers, with particular reference to the Council’s obligations undertaken through the Armed Forces Covenant.

To ensure close liaison and involvement on all military ceremonial matters in which the Mayor/Chairman is involved. (e.g. ranging from Armed Forces Day flag raising, attendance at local Armed Forces events, to Freedom Marches).

Regular liaison with the Civic Secretary to ensure that all forthcoming military ceremonial events are included in the Civic Diary and County Armed Forces Calendar.

To keep the local Member/s of Parliament informed of the activity and issues within the County/Borough/District in relation to the Armed Forces community on at least a quarterly basis.

To encourage the formation of local Armed Forces Covenant Panels to:

·         Ensure all areas of Council Policy/business take into account the needs of the Armed Forces community (education, housing, welfare, health and employment).

·         Ensure that Members and Officers are aware of forthcoming military ceremonial events

·         Encourage and support local applications to the Armed Forces Covenant Grant Fund

To form positive working relationships with the local Task Force Commander and the other district and borough councils within their area of responsibility (District and Borough councils) and their  Regional Brigade HQ (County Council) to better understand and address the needs of the Armed Forces Community within the context of local authority roles and responsibilities.

To work with the Regional RFCA to engage with key local businesses  to promote the Armed Forces Covenant, the Ministry of Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, the employment of Reservists and the appointment of Cadet Force Adult Volunteers.

To develop links and support local Cadet units by acting as the key link with the local authority, and to look to provide local ceremonial, remembrance and volunteering opportunities.

To sponsor an Annual report to the Executive/Cabinet/Local or Joint Committee detailing the Council’s activities and achievements over the past 12 months in respect of the obligations to the Covenant.                                                                                                                            

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